This place is awesome finished in less time than expected, had a job in no time. Best experience ever, the employees are cool and is very patient with you.

Shalonn Turner, Student

Incredible staff, great students. I'm a prime example that ANYONE can make it! As a non-drinker, I've been bartending major events every month. Your first event pays for the entire school and more. This is a great school, the investment is worth it.

Rene Aensland, Student

I went to this school even though there were several options. They just sounded much better than everyone else but their price was a little bit higher. I can't begin to say enough about Elvis and Mallory. They really care about their students. Before I am even a graduate I worked the hard summers night music festival and I made the fee I paid to go to the bartending school plus two times the fee. I should have made this decision a long time ago. Elvis has jobs lined up for anyone in need and I was in need. $1200 in two days (long days but just two) I have never made $40 an hour before so I'm excited to see what they have in store for me next. I highly recommend this bartending school!

Fritz Williams, Student

This is the best bartenders school for anyone who has experience or not. Elvis and Mallorie the instructors were on point with every lesson I asked for. And as told from the beginning of the class they kept there promise to do the best they can to find work for me. This school is worth every minute of your time and can definitely help you out with a bright future.

otpcosplays, Student